i love robbie and gabe reyes i just thought you should know (◡‿◡✿)
I've died before.
It was boring, so I stood up.

Me gustas :c

espero que si no me conoces en la vida real te estés refiriendo a mí como blogger ):

Do you have a partner ? or are you interested on someone? and if so, what does a person should have to be attractive to you? Sorry if they're too much questions together :c

ANON, I’M SORry it took me so long to answer but I wont be using this account anymore (or at least for a long time), I just logged in bc I needed so. Well, yes, I do have a partner aaaaand the thing I like most about a person is an open mind. I’m not sure what changes when I start liking someone romantically, but I can’t be attracted to anyone until i form bounds with them.


Hi guys
I’ve been gone for so long i don’t think anyone remembers me but it’s ok. I just wanted to let you know I haven’t been quite well and I’m trying to get better.
I tried to come back here before but it didn’t work so I’m not forcing it anymore. I believe I’ll come back though, but not anytime soon. I mean, this is the place where I can talk about the things I like and care but right now I need to pay more attention to real life. I love this website even if it’s full of shit but it gave me the chance to meet some amazing people that I don’t want to lose. So if anyone is interested and wants to keep in touch, just message me. I hope every single one of you is ok and happy, bye♡


woah calm down im just trying to date your dad

"The Avengers are about giving you a chance to start over. You just have to decide what you want that start to be. You make your own choices. Create your own path. You come up with a vision of what you aspire to…and then you work to make it happen." 
— Janet van Dyne

She-Hulk 1?

i’ve been gone for months how is that i still have followers omg i love you guys i’ll be catching up in comics today and i’ll make lots of edits 


virxbonus requested: fem!steve + 14

oh god i’ve been soooooo gone

what have i missed?

cyclops #001