i love robbie and gabe reyes i just thought you should know (◡‿◡✿)
I've died before.
It was boring, so I stood up.

"The Avengers are about giving you a chance to start over. You just have to decide what you want that start to be. You make your own choices. Create your own path. You come up with a vision of what you aspire to…and then you work to make it happen." 
— Janet van Dyne

She-Hulk 1?

i’ve been gone for months how is that i still have followers omg i love you guys i’ll be catching up in comics today and i’ll make lots of edits 


virxbonus requested: fem!steve + 14

oh god i’ve been soooooo gone

what have i missed?

cyclops #001

guys i know i haven’t been around much lately but i’m just too busy with school stuff

hopefully i’ll have some time in the nexts weeks, i’ll make lots of edits then ok? thanks for sticking around, i love you all